Woooooohooooo down a hill

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1: Connections




Pacific Northwest


2: Running down a hill going woooooohooooo

Not procrastinating

Listening good



Paying attention

Not paying attention



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 It all speeds past so fast. Rae took this picture earlier this year, summer 2012, in the car, driving home from away. Life is changing fast for her. She and Con  are different now to how they were then, they can do more, swim further, they have new teeth, new height, new friends. Does it feel so fast to them?  I hope not. I hope they feel that have time to pause and settle and think and play. And time to do nothing and maybe even be a little bored.

I remember childhood boredom as always being the precursor to making something, usually dolls clothes or similar. But, there were also elaborate costumes in partnership with my sister; a gorgons snaked head, a Chinese dragon. There were comic books and radio shows and all sorts of adventures. Never going much further than our bedroom, the garden or the woods but, really, going everywhere. Flying off, free in our imaginings, fueled by collaboration, happy, bored, not bored.

Making things matters, even if its just the intangible daydreams inspired by a good book. Maybe even if it’s just sporadic wittering in cyberspace. And lists. Lists count. Always lists. Being organized and being creative are getting more and more intertwined for me. The opposite of creative chaos.

Good things:

1) The book I’m reading – Jonathan Raban, Driving Home. It’s only now as I type this that I consciously realized the neat symmetry between the title of this book and the photo I’ve put with this post. See, making things makes you see things.

2) This paragraph from a lady who writes so well and has recently adopted a baby girl: “Sometimes I have to go out by myself to get some stuff done and then, alone in the car, driving my old familiar routes out to the post office, the fabric store, over the little mountain whose village-like view I like to treat myself to in every season, I usually cry a little bit, thinking about everything that came before, how hard it was, and how hard some things are, and how tender life is, for everyone. Everyone you meet.”

I know that and I try to remember that I know it.

3) The amazing stuffed toys that (my nephew) Ned made for Christmas presents.  He used recordable voice boxes, people, and he used them well.

4) The fact that as I have yet to read any Tove Jansson I have the whole world of the Moomins to discover alongside the children. Just watched a documentary about her life and work. The words Love and Melancholy were mentioned a lot and, it’s Finnish so, I’m pretty much signed up to that already.

5) Getting my hands on a version of The Night Before Christmas by Gyo Fujikawa.

Lists x


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Radio Silence. I have been sucessfully practising the dark art of invisibility (here) and taking spooky photos. Spooky photos for dark, damp, grey days which I am very much enjoying, and ‘though I suspect that the novelty of a new season will wear off soonish there just seems to be an awful lot of stuff to like and look forward to right now.


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China chips from a walk in the woods.

Looking through newspaper/magazine clippings that I’ve amassed, some of them I must have had for 20 years, started taping them up on a blank wall. Surprised and pleased to find how much of a theme they all adhere to. So, whilst I am predictable there is something comforting in knowing that some of the things that I am drawn to are so fixed,  that they have remained consistent through lots of passing interests and life changes. But also a bit funny that  this consistent theam seems to be one of decay, shabbiness and signs of wear. Luckily for me this fits in perfectly with my “needs some work doing to it” house and so I seem to have ended up covering  areas of real peeling paint with pictures of peeling paint.


Flamin’ Groovy

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Me and my dad, California, circa 1980?

So lucky to have my (painting, loving, patient, kind, inspiring, funny) dad. Love you, thank you xxx


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For my lovely Sarah xx

Eating carrots in the bath & drawing all over

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I luv my bruv. Yesterdays post brought the best surprise – “Eating Carrots in the Bath and Other Marvellous Moments”, a book of Momo’s photo’s made for us and the Davis clan by our fantastically talented and wonderous brother. Momo; all time winner of the kind and thoughful cup. More of his beautiful work and wanderings at  goodmorningcaptain.co.uk. Thank you Mo, come back to England so that we can hug you, sit on you and never let you go off again.

Resolution – draw more. I’m enlisting the children in this one too. We are stocked up on art supplies and filled with enthusiasm. Well, Rae is filled with enough enthusiasm for all of us, Con, lets just say, not so much at the moment. So, we shall see . . .

Our art supplies all came from the  Holsworthy Family Workshop Resource Centre which is completly fantastic. I can’t praise it enough, it’s wonderful both as a resource and an organisation. They have tonnes of supplies, from the basic to the wierd and wonderful and helpful staff who are full of ideas.  They also run workshops and organize craft fairs. It’s really, really worth joining (and cheap too!). Had good fun at the Craft Fair they ran last weekend.

Illustrated by: new supplies from HFWRC plonked on a picture of me and Rach at the Spring Craft Fair organised by HFWRC  (me: patented “smug face”, Rach never anything other than gorgeous).


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Beautiful screen grabs from: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Pippi Longstocking and In the Mood for Love .

Too much apple pie list.

1) Lists are good

2) Screen grabs are good. The Pippi Longstocking image reminds me of Night of the Hunter, The Assassination of  . . .was a surprise, as I watched it without any prior knowledege and loved the way it was shot & lots of the interior images. Every single second of In the Mood for Love is gorgeous.

3) Receiving Leopalloza tickets in the post is good. Having a festival in Week St. Mary is beyond amazing.

4) The fact that this and this exist. Stationary and letter writing club based websites are good. Film and clothing based websites are also good.

5) American Folk Art Museum and (unrelated) the images here on the Together Bound blog.

6) Rediscovering old books about old films and getting wanty about new books about allsorts. Henry Darger, Carson MuCuller


Lost and found: 4

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More 50′s fabric (on the left) -  I like this more and more the more I see it. One of it’s charms is it’s similarity to the painting above by Emily Martin of The Black Apple.

Hello there

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Car bootie – stack of albums from the 20′s-50′s, quite tatty, completely wonderful. Now mine. Scan to Flickr? Embrace compulsion to categorise. Pretend i have my own museum. Go mad, end up gtting crushed to death under pile of “old stuff”. That’s the plan.

Rosemore was fun, lots of really nice people, lovely feedback and I got called a “good girl” three times by kind strangers, which I find strangly comforting. Looking forwards to being at the Holsworthy Craft Fair on the 21st May along with fabulous Rachel and her fabulous work.

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